Sometimes the challenges we face necessitate a different perspective, someone who has the benefit of being outside the system, the experience to frame the situation in a larger context, and the knowledge to bring a multifaceted approach to finding pathways forward.

Transitional Ministry Pathways offers consulting that is personal, specific and sensitive to the context and the system. Our approach is simple: we meet you where you are, we listen carefully and we form a proposal for engagement in collaboration with you. We bring years of experience to the conversation, along with a sense of curiosity and wonder. While we use a variety of lenses to analyze a situation or context, we also do not embrace a cookie cutter formula for solutions. We seek to work with you, equip you with knowledge and confidence and prepare you and your team to address the challenges you face.

We walk with you, exploring the pathways you encounter and seeking to take the next most faithful step and the step after that.

Consulting Leadership

We have engaged in extensive consulting, some together, some separately. We walk with staffs or Transition Teams during pastoral transitions, walk with Committees on Ministry seeking to think through how do do transition work in our current context, or work with groups on other issues. We provide experience, the ability to equip leaders for the challenges they face and deep encouragement for the journey.

Working with congregations to live into Beloved Community is a primary value we share. We would love to work with you to see emerging possibilities.

– Jan Nolting Carter & Paul Rhebergen

Transitional Ministry

How Does Consulting Work?

Consultants establish contracts with congregational leadership to address particular issues over an identified length of time. We will develop a process with your team to explore beyond the presenting issues to mark a path for the adaptive and strategic needed to will map the way forward. There are 4 steps to our consulting process: discovery and planning, implementation, and evaluation and next steps.

To explore a consulting relationship with Transitional Ministry Pathways contact us. We will follow with an initial conversation that will lead to a proposal developed to meet the needs of your congregation. The Consulting contract is then negotiated, and the work begins.

Potential areas for consulting:

  • Congregational Vitality
  • Sustainability
  • Conflict Resolution and Healing
  • Congregational Visioning
  • Healthy Congregations Education