Coaching helps you finds the answers within. It starts with the assumption that you have the gifts needed to address the challenges you face. As coaches, we accompany you to identify your goals and channel your capacities. We use intuitive listening and thought-provoking questions to inspire action towards achieving your goals. A coach walks alongside you, asking awakening questions to find the answers within.

What to expect
Coaching conversations are focused and in trusted partnership with the client to understand needs, enhance deeper awareness of a current situation, and uncover potential obstacles. Identifying strengths, providing encouragement and accountability are key elements as clients work towards defining best next steps and fulfilling desired outcomes.

A coaching relationship is based on an agreement, established after an initial session to identify needs. Agreements typically include an initial session and six following sessions, renewable, but can be tailored to your needs.

Coaching Leadership

Walking with coaching clients on their journeys of self-discovery brings me joy. I love it when someone I am walking with has an “AHA” moment, a moment of identifying a capacity or a pathway they had not imagined before. I see coaching as the chance to walk together along a path for awhile, walking and talking, wondering and imagining, looking from the balcony and from a close up view to examine the different facets of a challenge you are facing. By considering questions from different perspectives, you will create your path forward, identifying and committing to the next most faithful step and the step after that. Together we will work to achieve your goals.

Jan Nolting Carter

I welcome the opportunity to explore with you a coaching relationship focused on your role in your situation. We will covenant to work on a regular basis around the issues and subjects you identify, and work with you to explore the challenges you face in your particular place and time in light of the particular gifts and talents you bring to your ministry. I will use my own experience in leading congregations in healing and change to open possibilities for your understanding and leadership.

Paul Rhebergen

How Does Coaching Work?

If you have discerned that coaching is for you, reach out to us! Schedule an introductory conversation with either Jan or Paul to explore if one of us is the right coach for you.

Steps to coaching:

  • Complete the Coaching Agreement that we send to you, establishing our relationship for a set period of time;
  • Schedule six coaching conversations through the website;
  • Pay for the season of sessions