We walk with congregations and their leaders to find their pathway in the rapidly changing contexts of ministry.

You show me the path of life.
In your presence there is fullness of joy.

– Psalm 16:11 –

Discover your pathway going forward

  • Do you find yourself awake at night struggling with questions of identity call and vocation?
  • Are you a part of a staff wondering how to navigate complicated systems and change?
  • Are you a part of a leadership board or congregation seeking to identify your next most faithful step?

We walk with you to discern the gifts you bring on your journey and the possibilities unfolding before you. Through Learning, Coaching and Consulting, we seek to help you identify what is within: we walk with you, not directing the outcome, but seeking to discern the right pathway for you and your needs.

We Understand Your Needs…

Church leaders are faced with the ever-growing complexity of leading congregations in being the Body of Christ. COVID-19 took challenges that seemed manageable and magnified them.

Leaders and congregations face multi-dimensional challenges:

  • ZCommunity change and the make up of congregations
  • ZChanging relationships with truth, tradition, authority and responsibility
  • ZThe weight of maintaining once loved buildings and facilities that no longer meet the current needs of the congregation

Transitional Ministry Pathways answers important questions:

How do you lead in times like these?

How do you stay whole and sane as a leader?

How does your congregational leadership prioritize the time, talent and gifts of the people of God?

Transitional Ministry Pathways
offers these services:




Our Process of Engagement

Step #1

Meet to get to know one another

  • What challenges are you facing? What are your hopes and dreams?
  • We strive to know your needs and your context so we can understand how we can accompany you to identify the next most faithful steps on your journey.

Step #2

Present a Plan

  • Whether you need coaching or consulting, we present you with a plan of engagement, designed to meet your needs.
  • We treat our relationships as covenants. Based on our Biblical understanding of promise and obligation, we believe we are responsible to one another. We outline the work that each of us will do and we commit to do it.

Step #3

Do the work together

  • We help you implement your plan, checking in periodically to make sure it continues to address the felt need and the desired outcome.

Walking alongside church leaders, offering wisdom and counsel is something Jan Nolting Carter and Paul Rhebergen do very, very well. Through multiple engagements in situations of differing circumstances and dynamics, I have observed their non-anxious presence, their deep understanding of systems theory, their careful conflict-management skills, their ability to focus on an end result, and their patience with church leaders who fear change. With both of these faithful leaders, there’s an ability to see the 30,000-foot perspective and the simultaneous ability to “dive into the weeds” when necessary. That combination of skills is rare indeed. I can and do recommend both Paul and Jan wholly and without hesitation.

Paul Grier

Vice President, Project Regeneration, Presbyterian Foundation